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Welcome to Poe Elementary

Jeffrey Amerson
Jeffrey Amerson, Principal 
Phone: 713-535-3780

To all of our students and families,

I am excited and honored that you have chosen Poe as your school. We have so many things to offer for everyone.Our teachers are the best and they have spent the summer traveling, having new experiences, and learning new things to make their classrooms very exciting places. We are geared up and ready for our first year of being a Primary Years Program International Baccalaureate (IB-PYP) campus. I will hold a meeting for parents in the Fall to better explain this to parents. In a nutshell, it means we are teaching with a more global perspective, creating units that integrate subjects like reading and math and art, and presenting information in ways that make more sense to kids. It’s a different philosophy that honors the whole child and works with each child to help them figure out their place in the world and how best to contribute to that world. Of course, our emphasis is, at the same time, on the arts. Our fine arts department is ready to create the great performances you have become accustomed to seeing throughout the year. Read more...

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