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The Houston ISD Education Technology department provides trending, analysis, research, testing and customized innovative services to support the district’s strategic initiatives. 

Houston ISD is a progressive district, committed to providing an educational environment that prepares every student for the 21st century, and secures the best possible college and career opportunities.  In this context, the Education Technology department continually designs, implements and improves the digital eco-system to support authentic, differentiated and/or personalized education environments.

Education Technology functions within a “bi-modal” IT organization, and relies on HISD’s IT continuous improvement mindset, which includes a robust IT infrastructure, responsive application support and data-driven systems. Thanks to this strong alignment between operational and innovative technologies, Education Technology is able to focus innovation to support excellent digital Teaching and Learning environments. 

The Education Technology team at Houston ISD is known for:

  • The design and initial implementation of PowerUp, the Houston ISD award-winning one-to-one implementation.
  • Championing the implementation of IMS Global’s open source Digital Tools Interoperability Standards, which include the ability to seamlessly integrate digital resources from a wide range of providers in a single platform, to increase learner autonomy and enable personalized learning practices.
  • The development of a Privacy, Safety and Security rubric, and attendant professional development and awareness-raising programs, in collaboration with Common Sense Media, The Future of Privacy Forum, I Keep Safe,  and other innovative districts.

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