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Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA) Summer Program

Yetlanezi Burrus from Grecia Tavira on Vimeo.

This summer program is a collaboration between MECA (Multicultural Education, and Counseling through the Arts), United Way Greater Houston, and James D. Burrus Elementary. The program theme is “All aspects of science through the fine arts”. The program is to expand its STEM+Arts initiative, during six weeks exploring linkages between electronic literacy and music. STEM+Arts increases awareness of science and technology as careers, developing critical thinking by teaching engineering and design as forms of creative expression and as a methodology for engaging students in learning.

 Yetlanezi:  The next generation of Huehuetl, a family of musicians representing the knowledge and ways of more than five generations of artisans and makers of native musical instruments from indigenous Mexico. They will teach modern electronic interpretations of Pre-Colombian music including: history and geography of indigenous culture, traditions associated with organic materials used to make instruments, techniques of constructing ancient musical instruments, ancestral mathematics and computation relevant to modern technology.


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