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Welcome to Northside High School

Julissa Alcantar-Martinez
Phone: 713-726-3611


Winter is quickly passing and spring is upon us. So much happens in these short months that require your attention. EOC is coming March 27th and 29th for English and we want you prepared. We will have Saturday school every weekend to offer you additional support in your core areas. We start every Saturday at 8:30am, provide breakfast and lunch. It is over at 12:30pm and will be a short time to get extra learning/ extra help or time to catch up on items you need to complete. The test is less than 40 days away. It is also a time to complete attendance appeals. Get with your grade level AP to get this arranged.


On another note, LAPTOPS, these are a major tool in your classes and something you need to bring every day. We rarely issue textbooks and so much of what you need is accessible on the HUB, the internet, etc. We also need you to look at your grades and access your Naviance account. Here you can find so much information about your rank, your grades and credits earns, as well as opportunities available to you. For more information get with the college center. Don’t wait until your senior year to get with them start now. NOW is the time to look up summer opportunities if you want an internship, a job, a college experience. You need to take some time to look TODAY!


Thanks for being great and we look forward to helping you grow each and every day,

Dr. Alcantar-Martinez


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