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Julissa Alcantar-Martinez
Phone: 713-726-3611

Panther Parents and Students,

We just completed Spring STAAR testing and week one of AP testing. BY the end of testing next week we will have completed two weeks of testing over 2,300 tests will be turned in. Next we will have finals and the last day of the school year is just around the corner. With this in mind, I am writing to ask for your help. We understand everyone has many demands placed upon them, but attendance and class work must be our first PRIORITY! Many students are missing classes, which will cause them to owe hours and puts them at risk for losing credit. Many students received NGs (no grade given due to poor attendance) and need to make up hours to get credit. Students- have you met with your assistant principal? Do you know what you have to do? Knowledge is power and YOU need to take charge if you want to succeed. Not only here, but in EVERYTHING you do. We have Saturday school EVERY Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm- be here!

Many students are not giving 100% to their studies and report cards and recent progress reports show this. Just because summer is around the corner there is no reason to slow down or SLACK. Your grades will open doors to many opportunities, your grades or LACK of them can also hold you back. When it comes to grades be careful, ask for help, attend tutorials and put forth effort because the one who benefits most is YOU.

STAAR testing is over but AP testing has one more week. We will continue to test on line, so we need every student to bring their laptop every day.

Please beware of our schedule for testing:




May 8th

Biology and

Music Theory

Physics C

May 9th

Calculus AB/ BC 

Spanish Lit

May 10th

English Lang  


May 11th

World History


May 12th

Human Geography and Microeconomics



Seniors: Week of May 15-18th

9-11th: Week of


During testing we WILL NOT accept deliveries, nor are visitors permitted on these days. Please advise your students that according to district and state testing policy cell phones are not permitted and need to be turned off and given to the teacher while testing. EOC tests are a graduation requirement and we are expecting results to be here on May 19th. We will get these results to students as soon as possible to alert them about summer school and IF they need to attend. Be on the lookout for these results and invitations.

Summer school will take place at Marshall Middle, 1115 Noble St, Houston, TX 77009. We will be located on the second and third floor of the building, Marshall middle school will hold their classes on the first floor. We are moving this summer due to construction. We will be housed in

the portable located in our parking lot once summer school is finished. We are anticipating being back in our main building by August 14th, 2017.


Summer testing will come much earlier this year- starting June 19th. We will share more information once the testing calendar is established. Summer School will start May 31st for all students. The schedule will be coming out shortly.


Graduation will take place at Delmar Stadium on May 27th at 1pm. We hope you can join us!


Let’s finish strong,

Dr. J. Alcantar-Martinez

Proud Principal

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