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 Greetings Mading Roadrunners,
I am excited to be a part of the Reagan Mading Elementary STEM Academy family and to share the upcoming successes and celebrations of achievement for our students.  I am a proud product of the Houston ISD and the South Park Community.
The academic achievement in mathematics, reading, science, and social studies will lead our students to become productive members of society.  I look forward to the doctors, lawyers, teachers, and future presidents that Mading will produce.  This outcome will take the entire “family” of Mading to work together to ensure academic achievement.  Parents will support students by providing a learning space in their home, kitchen table, bedroom desk or simply a corner filled with a rug and basket of books. Teachers will nurture and provide print-rich, rigorous instruction every day. 
We look forward to an exciting academic year filled with vital energy, creativity and motivation.  We will encourage our students to not just set ablaze the desire to learn, to not just accept the gift of their education, but to reach out and take it!
 Mrs. Nicole Haskins, M.Ed.  

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7:45 AM - 3:00 PM

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 7:45 AM

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  3:00 PM
Nicole Haskins

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