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                                                              Student Competitions

Lovett students have the opportunity to participate in the following competitive enrichment programs:

                                                       Spelling Bee
Lovett Elementary has been known for some time as a hotbed of competitive spelling!  Three times, a spelling champion from Lovett has captured the Houston ISD crown.  We have also placed second, and third in East Texas.  This is actually pretty remarkable when one considers that our elementary representatives are competing against students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades!
      Our team consists of students from second through fifth grade.  The primary objective of the team is to produce a winner at the campus level who is also capable of competing at the Regional level.  Our school Spelling Bee is held in December.  This is a very public contest, with all second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students present for the contest.  Trophies are accorded first, second, and third place winners, with participant ribbons given to all contestants.
      Once the school champion has been determined, the individual, runner-up and sponsor begin working on a daily basis, in order to prepare for the Area Bee, which is normally held in February.  Should our participant "place" at that level, he or she advances to the East Texas Contest.
      Competitive spelling is a rigorous sport.  It requires intelligence, a "good ear", and above all, hard work.  We have been fortunate at Lovett to achieve success in this area because of the right mix of the aforementioned ingredients.
                                                   Name That Book Contest

The Name That Book Contest is a highly competitive event sponsored each year by H.I.S.D.'s Library Services Department.  At Lovett, interested 4th and 5th graders may obtain the Name That Book list from the librarian or from the Name That Book list website. They are encouraged to read as all the books from the list.  In December, students compete to be part of the team by taking a test which consists of quotes taken from designated books on the list.   The top six  students earn a spot on the Name That Book Team, and the seventh student is named as the designated alternate. 

Once chosen, the team meets once a week from 2:15 P.M. till 2:45 P. M. with the sponsor, Mrs. Coulthard, in the library to discuss books and prepare for the district contest which is held annually in the spring.

                                                           Geography Bee

Students in grades 4 and 5 are given a written Geography Test  and the top students compete in an oral Geography Bee in the school cafeteria.