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Interventions Office

 Welcome to the Interventions Office.

The Interventions Office works hand in hand with the Student Support Services Office in a model of schooling that uses data-based problem-solving:
  • to integrate academic and behavioral instruction and intervention
  • delivered to students in varying intensities (multiple tiers)
  • based on student need

This need-driven decision-making seeks to ensure that district resources reach the appropriate students (schools) at the appropriate levels to accelerate the performance of ALL students to achieve and/or exceed proficiency.

This ensures common language, common understanding, clear lines of responsibility and accountability and aligned policies to allow all departments to work in concert with schools to support our common student outcomes (academic and socio-emotional).
Response to Intervention System of Supports

Contact Information

Houston Independent School District
Interventions Office
4400 West 18th Street
Houston, TX 77092
Telephone: 713-556-7122
Fax: 713-556-6814
Natalie Blasingame
Assistant Superintendent for Academic Interventions
Imelda Cedillo 
Tammy Nick Spencer
Teacher Development Specialist

Jennifer D. Montgomery
IAT/RtI Manager
Tutorial Program
Lisa Ratcliff
Teacher Development Specialist
Program Manager
Mary Miner