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AVA Graduates

AVA Graduates
Recent HISD graduates Juanita Bonilla (right) and Marc Leal are just two of the three dozen students expected to receive their high school diplomas before summer's end through the Twilight High School program. Marc completed his degree requirements at Yates High School, while Juanita finished hers at Jones High School.


 First day of School, Registration and Enrollment
-Visit any of our 6 AVA-Sites starting Monday, August 25, 2014, 12pm.
-Download your AVA enrollment application here
 AVA Main office is now located on the HISD East Region Office
1102 Telephone Rd., Houston, Texas 77023

Advanced Virtual Academy complete on-line coursework.  Students will be provided with academic support from certified teachers.  All on-line courses are self-paced.  Students can take advantage of a flexible schedule while engaging in blended learning, coupled with online resources and personalized support. location for students to attend school and academic centers offer a physicaloffers an alternative, non-traditional school setting for students who are unable to attend school during the regular day.  AVA also welcomes students who have dropped out or are in danger of dropping out of school.  The AVA virtual



  • 11th and 12th grade HISD students (17-26 years of age, must be 26 before September 1)
  • If 17 years of age, students must parent permission forms on file.
  • STAAR and TAKS students

The Twilight High School, which began operations in November 2010, is organized as the Advanced Virtual Academy and is housed in six satellite locations which are virtual academic centers

2014-15 Locations

Austin High School - 1700 Dumble, 77023

Kashmere HS - 6900 Wileyvale 77028


Sam Houston HS - 9400 Irvington, 77076


Sharpstown HS - 7504 Bissonnet, 77074


Worthing HS - 9215 Scott, 77051


Yates HS - 3703 Sampson, 77004



Hours of operation


Advanced Virtual Academy centers are open Monday through Thursday from 12 pm until 8 pm and Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm.  Additional hours may be set, as needed, by each individual site.


Call us today to see if you qualify for enrollment and let AVA become the bridge to your future career.  We welcome determined students who are ready for a better life!


Main Office:

(located on the HISD East Region Office)

1102 Telephone Rd.

Houston, Texas 77023

Phone:  (713) 773-6144 / Fax: 713-778-3479


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