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AVA Graduates

AVA Graduates
Recent HISD graduates Juanita Bonilla (right) and Marc Leal are just two of the three dozen students expected to receive their high school diplomas before summer's end through the Twilight High School program. Marc completed his degree requirements at Yates High School, while Juanita finished hers at Jones High School.


Advanced Virtual Academy Twilight High School (AVA) at Houston ISD offers opportunities for students to make progress toward completing high school and planning a career during non-traditional school hours.  AVA offers coursework, credit recovery, and TAKS preparation through the provision of on-line, face-to-face and small group instruction.  The Twilight High School serves students from ages 17-26 years, who are seeking original credit, credit recovery and accelerated instruction on a flexible attendance schedule.  AVA also serves students in this age group who are at risk of not completing their education because of extenuating circumstances such as pregnancy or a need to work to support the family.

The Twilight High School, which began operations in November 2010, is organized as the Advanced Virtual Academy and is housed in six satellite locations which are virtual academic centers for online learning.   Our online curriculum and supportive staff prepare students with the skills needed for employment, careers and college.  Call us today to see if you qualify for enrollment and let AVA become the bridge to your future career.  We welcome determined students who are ready for a better life!

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