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The Rice School La Escuela Rice

A K-8 Magnet School for STEM


o   Review your student’s interests and needs and look for alignment with specific Magnet programs.

  • Use the information and links at www.HoustonISD.org/SchoolChoice.
  • Consider how you will rank your choices. You will have a limit of choices. (It is recommended that parents weigh their options carefully and consider the following: if you apply to 5 Vanguard programs, and a student has not been identified as G/T prior to the Phase I deadline and subsequently does not qualify as G/T, the student will not be considered for any of the Vanguard programs you applied to.)
  • Visit selected programs on School Choice Thursdays



Visit www.HISDChoice.com to apply online.

  •  If you have used the system before, please use your previous account.
  • Paper applications are available online, at any Magnet program, or from the Office of School Choice. (Online applications provide more options for tracking and staying up-to-date.)
  • Make sure to sign and submit your application.
  • Qualified applications submitted Between Sep. 22 and Dec. 8, 2017, will be entered into any lotteries. Deadline to be entered in the lottery is December 8, 2017.


  • For elementary programs, only Vanguard applications may require documentation.
  • Please be on the lookout for emails or phone calls related to your application.


  • Check your SPAM folder to ensure you are not missing any information. If at all possible, do not use a Hotmail account, as the service usually blocks emails from HISD.
  • On by midnight of March 22, 2018 , notification of application status will be sent to all parents via USPS mail and will be viewable online as well.


  • If your student has been offered a seat in a program, you have two weeks to provide proof of residence and sign an entrance agreement.
  •  If your student was not offered a seat on March 22, 2018, but has been placed on a wait list, stay alert for changes in application status throughout the summer. You may be able to submit additional applications to programs with more room.

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