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Email LinkWebpage LinkPosition/Department
Perry, A. Principal
Goudeau, A.Ms. Goudeau's WebsiteAssistant Principal
Abrameit, N.Ms. Abrameit's WebsiteAssistant Principal
Shargey, B. Dean of Instruction
Rios, D.Magnet Office/Admissions Magnet Coordinator
Counselors and Registrar
Billette, I.Counselors' Website Counselor
Hayward, V.Counselors' Website Counselor
Huynh, M.Counselors' Website Counselor
Seaton, P. Registrar
Career and Technology Teachers
Al-Mussawi, Z.Dr. Al-Mussawi's WebsiteHealth Science
Dupre, M.Dr. Dupre's WebsiteHealth Science
Jackson, R.Health Science
Jolivet, N.Ms. Jolivet's WebsiteBusiness Computers
Morales, R.Ms. Morales' WebsiteHealth Science
Neal, J.Ms. Neal's WebsiteHealth Science
Niaves, S.Ms. Niaves' WebsiteHealth Science
Robinson, K.Health Science
Thomas, T.Ms. Thomas' WebsiteHealth Science
Tynan, M.Ms. Tynan's WebsiteHealth Science
English-Language Arts Teachers
Cox, M.Ms. Cox's WebsiteEnglish
Franz, D.Ms. Franz's WebsiteEnglish
Hayes, M.Ms. Hayes' WebsiteEnglish
Varghese, R.Ms. Varghese's WebsiteEnglish
Nottingham, M.Mr. Nottingham's WebsiteEnglish
Ostrovsky, M.Mr. Ostrovsky's WebpageEnglish
Sieloff, D.Mr. Sieloff's WebsiteEnglish
Woollen, D.Ms. Woollen's WebsiteEnglish
Zhang, Q.Ms. Zhang's WebsiteEnglish
Fine Arts Teachers
Boneau, J.Ms. Boneau's WebsiteFine Arts - Theater
Khan, N.Ms. Khan's WebsiteFine Arts - Art
Languages Other Than English Teachers
Boyd, E.Ms. Boyd's WebsiteLOTE - Spanish
Castro, I.Ms. Castro's WebsiteLOTE - Spanish
Hartley, M.Ms. Hartley's WebsiteLOTE - Spanish
Leon, L.Ms. Leon's WebsiteLOTE - Spanish
Ramos, K.Ms. Ramos' WebsiteLOTE - Spanish and French
Hayes, L.DeBakey Library Website Librarian
George, M.DeBakey Library Website Library Assistant
Mathematics Teachers
Chavez, W.Mr. Chavez's WebsiteMath
Desai, A.Mr. Desai's WebsiteMath
Liu, X.Ms. Liu's WebsiteMath
Nguyen, G.Ms. Nguyen's WebsiteMath
Stigant, D.Mr. Stigant's WebsiteMath and AP Computer Science
Tran, N.Ms. Tran's WebsiteMath
Winkler, P.Math and Computers
Zhang, Y.Dr. Zhang's WebsiteMath
Physical Education Teachers
Matranga, B.Ms. Matranga's WebsitePhysical Education
Villatoro, E.Mr. Villatoro's WebsitePhysical Education
Peters, G. Mr. Peter's WebsiteGymnastics Coach
Science Teachers
Adam, D.Ms. Adam's WebsiteScience
Boughaba, F.Dr. Boughaba's WebsiteScience
Denzmore, P.Ms. Denzmore's WebsiteScience
Durban, E.Dr. Durban's WebsiteScience
Lau, P.Dr. Lau's WebsiteScience
Maharaj, M.Ms. Maharaj's WebsiteScience
Richter, L.Dr. Richter's WebsiteScience
Saikin, C.Mr. Saikin's WebsiteScience
Williams, B.Dr. Williams' WebsiteScience
Social Studies Teachers
Briones, L.Ms. Briones' WebsiteSocial Science
Clark, H.Mr. Clark's WebsiteSocial Science
Domitrovich, M.Mr. Domitrovich's Offsite Website
Mr. Domitrovich's Website
Social Studies
Loeb, S.Dr. Loeb's WebsiteSocial Studies
Rodriguez, S.Ms. Rodriguez's WebsiteSocial Studies
Saldivar, R.Mr. Saldivar's WebsiteSocial Studies
Williams, J.Ms. Williams' WebsiteSocial Studies
Support Staff and Office Staff
Ali, P.School Nurse's Website School Nurse
Almendarez, G. Receptionist
Bonaby, V. Police Officer
Pena, P. School Secretary
Martinez, L. Cafeteria Manager
Mondesir, A. Plant Operator
Proctor, B. Finance Clerk
Rodriguez, L.Magnet Office/Admissions Magnet Clerk
Serna, M. Receptionist
Qualls, D. Instructional Technologist
Winn, C. Attendance Clerk