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Community Resource Guide

Are you an HISD parent, an HISD student, an HISD teacher, or an HISD principal? Are you looking for resources for your family or school? If so, this easily searchable guide is meant for you. It presents an amazing collection of resources that can benefit HISD families and schools – including after-school programs, summer camps, community centers, ESL and GED services, computer literacy, cultural enrichment, family literacy, STEM enrichment, translation, tutoring, and youth mentoring. It also covers basic needs such as clothing, financial stability, food and shelter assistance, and transportation, as well as resources linked to learning.
Use the tools on this page to find and explore great community resources online, or download the companion PDF version of the 2017 Community Resource Guide on the right side of this page.


Family and Community Empowerment (FACE)
4400 West 18th St., Level 3 SW
Houston, Texas 77092
(713) 556-7290

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