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Burbank Middle School


DECEMBER 13, 2011
On the evening of December 13, 2011 and in our recently renovated gym, Mr. David Johnson put together one of the best Karate Belt Cermonies we have seen at Burbank Middle School in years. Not only was our gym filled with our future black belts all clad in their crisp white Karate uniforms, but we were also overflowing with parents and relatives of our students who had come to celebrate their children's success. In addition, our Karate Demo Team unveiled a brand-new routine, performed with blue light and white kerchiefs. The excitement was palpable in the gym, and in spite of a rather hot night, everyone was glued to their seats, thoroughly enjoying the show.
Our congratulations to Mr. Johnson, our Eagle Karate Demo Team, and all our Karate students for a wonderful evening!
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