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Soaring Beyond Expectations

S.T.A.A.R Tests

Understanding the Basics of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) for Elementary Students


3rd – Mathematics & Reading
4th – Mathematics, Reading & Writing
5th – Mathematics, Reading & Science

The STAAR assessments will be more rigorous than previous state tests in several ways. STAAR will include more test questions; one additional writing composition (grade 4); greater emphasis on critical analysis rather than literal understanding; a four-hour time limit; and more open-ended questions in math and science.

Student performance on STAAR will be described by one of three categories:

Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
Level III: Advanced Academic Performance


A Family’s Checklist for STAAR™

 Familiarize yourself with the assessed curriculum, listed by grade level and subject at www.tea.state.tx.us/

 Make the most of the curriculum resources and/or events that may be offered by your student’s school

 Know the STAAR testing dates for your student’s grade level, available at www.neisd.net/test/

 Help your student get a good night’s sleep before the test

 Make sure your student eats a healthy breakfast on the testing day

 Reassure your student that he/she can be successful on STAAR

 View your student’s test results and history through the Student Portal for the Texas Assessment Manage-ment Systems at www.TexasAssessment.com/

 Look ahead to the next grade levels’ requirements to better prepare your child for academic success.

Types of STAAR™ Assessments

A student may take one or more STAAR assessment based on his/her eligibility.

general assessments

STAAR Spanish: for grades 3-5 in same grade and subject assessed by the general STAAR

STAAR L: linguistically accommodated

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