HISD offers a complete benefits package that includes:
  • Competitive starting salary of $51,500 
  • Full medical benefits and life insurance
  • Ongoing professional support and development

Recognizing the impact of excellent teachers and administrators

At HISD, teachers who make the biggest difference for their students have access to exciting new leadership opportunities and financial rewards. Last year, high-performing HISD teachers received a total of $35 million dollars in bonus pay on top of base salaries through the ASPIRE Award Program. This year, teachers can earn up to $9,750 in ASPIRE payments.

Career Pathways and Compensation

HISD is in the process of designing a new compensation and career pathway system to recognize excellent teachers. This system, designed with teachers and principals, will include:

  • Changes to the salary system in order to allow for great teachers to earn more money, faster
  • Improvements to the ASPIRE award bonus program that increases the maximum potential award amounts for teachers compared to previous years
  • Career pathway roles that allow teachers to extend their reach to more students or other colleagues, without having to leave the classroom
  • Recruitment and retention incentives for teachers to fill positions that are historically more difficult to staff 

Salary Schedules

For many positions at HISD, an employee's initial pay rate depends on an evaluation of certain educational credentials. If you are not sure which salary schedule applies to your position, you may discuss this with your HISD Human Resources Business Partner.  Click above to view HISD's employee salary schedules.  Click here to learn how HISD determines nurses' salaries. (You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)