Outdoor Education Centers

Since 1977, as part of the Magnet program, HISD has operated the Outdoor Education Centers (OEC) at Camp Olympia and since 2010 at Camp Forest Glen. The program is a four day, three night outdoor education experience for HISD fifth graders. The OEC accommodates about 8,000 students each school year. With about 15,000 fifth graders in the district, schools rotate on an every other year basis.

The OEC is designed to provide a unique educational opportunity for Houston ISD students that em-phasizes the use of natural settings. The camp instructors utilize the lake, the forest, the stream, the farm, and the quiet East Texas nights to provide hands-on, experiential, multi-disciplinary activities that guide students through discovery and exploration. Students are taught inquiry-based science lessons, as well as language arts, math and social studies concepts that support HISD’s fifth grade curriculum and Texas State Standards. The OEC program teaches children appreciation, awareness, expression, knowledge, and skills which act as an extension of HISD classrooms.