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***SPECIAL REQUESTS FOR CHANGES TO BUS ROUTES WILL NOT BE MADE.  Westside bus riders are assigned a bus route based on their home address only.


This year, all bus riders will have their route numbers printed on the front of their student ID’s. There is no longer a need for blue bus stickers to be placed on the back of the ID.

Bus applications for returning Westside students who indicated they ride an HISD bus to school on their course request forms in the spring have already been submitted.

Bus applications have also been submitted for all students that registered for school in the month of August.

If you are unsure if you requested bus transportation, contact your dean or house secretary.  They can complete your application online if you are not in the system.

Please contact your dean or house secretary for routing information. 

WHS students are required to wear their Westside ID badge to ride the bus. Failure to comply may result in loss of transportation privileges.



Bus stops are determined by HISD and are located within 2 miles of your home at an HISD facility, usually at an elementary, middle, or high school.

For the most up to date bus schedules, please follow the above link and select Westside HS in the scroll down menu located at the bottom of the page. 

The Late Start Thursday times will not be posted on the HISD schedule. This year, the times were an hour behind schedule, with the exact time decided by the driver of the route.