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The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

Where Learning Is An Art

School Information

Grade Levels: 9-12
4001 Stanford Street
Houston, TX 77006-4948
HISD Rt. 6
Phone: 713-942-1960
Fax: 713-942-1968
R. Scott Allen
Chief High School Officer 
District V
Michael L. Lunceford

HSPVA Staff Directory

HSPVA Staff Directory

School Attendance Zone

Most schools have specifically defined attendance zones that include residential areas that each school serves. On the basis of a student's home address, HISD assigns each student to a "feeder pattern" composed of a specific elementary, middle, and high school.

To determine which schools serve your residence, use the online "School Zone Search Tool" or call the Student Transfer Department at 713-556-6734 or the HISD Information Center at 713-556-6005.

School Profile

District and school profiles provide summary information regarding student performance and outcomes, demographics, and school programs for each HISD school covering the last five years. These profiles are divided by instructional level: elementary, middle, high, combined, and charter schools. Within each instructional level is an alphabetical list of schools available at that level. To view district profiles, please visit the Research & Accountability website.

See the HSPVA Profile here.

for the previous year are updated annually in September.
Profiles contain the following information:
  • Student information (gender, ethnicity, honors classes, free/reduced lunch, limited English, and by program)
  • Teacher and staff information (gender, ethnicity, experience levels, by academic program, advanced degrees, and attendance rates)
  • Student outcomes (attendance rate, dropout rate, completion rate, graduate count, Texas Scholars, and disciplinary actions)
  • School-based programs (e.g. Special Education, Advanced Academics, School-based programs, Multilingual, Career & Technology Education)
  • Testing (TAKS and SAT schoolwide, TAKS and SAT for Magnet students)
  • College Bound (PSAT, SAT-1, ACT)

School History

The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) evolved in 1971 from a realization that gifted young artists need highly specialized and rigorous training in the arts to be prepared for the intense competition they will meet in colleges, conservatories, and the professional arts world. The creation of HSPVA represented the first attempt by any public high school in the nation to correlate an academic program with concentrated training in the arts. Also, it was one of only three public schools in the nation to offer programs in both the visual and performing arts, and the first such institution in the Southwest. For the Houston Independent School District (HISD), the formation of HSPVA represented a dramatic departure from traditional comprehensive programs. HSPVA is fully accredited and offers the same academic curriculum and graduation requirements as all HISD high schools; the major difference in the academic program is that we offer the added ingredient of correlating the arts with academics, rather than treating either as isolated disciplines. The school schedule is an alternating A/B block schedule with classes meeting for 1.5 hours every other day with the exception of first period which meets every day for 45 minutes. Students spend three hours every day in rigorous focused study in one art discipline with the balance of the day’s study in academics. All students must audition for placement at HSPVA.
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