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Design for New Davis HS

bond   A new video released by HISD highlights the planning and final design images for the new 21st century Davis High School. The campus is one of 40 facilities being rebuilt or renovated under the $1.89 billion bond program approved by voters in 2012. The new Davis, located on Houston’s north side, is being built as a 21st century campus while aiming to preserve the facility’s history and significant building structure for a school that will accommodate up to 1,700 students. “We want to make sure that we continue to respect some of the history and recognize it, but also with an eye toward the future,” said City of Houston Councilman Ed Gonzalez. The school’s Project Advisory Team has worked since last year to finalize design concepts for the site. Architect Mark French of Bay-IBI Group Architects says although there were many site challenges with the allocated space, many priorities for the site have now been balanced. “One of the things we heard was that they really wanted to preserve the historic Davis front as it existed in the 1926 building,” French said. Construction for the school is slated to begin mid-to-late 2015

Davis Marshall PowerUp

Marshall 8th Graders will be getting laptops when they transition to Davis HS. To make this a smooth process you need to see your 8th grade Assistant Principal to get the forms signed and paid. Marshall students will need to complete their 2015-2016 PowerUp Agreement Form for Davis at Marshall MS and pay $25 fee. This form is available at the 8th Grade Assistant Principal Office at Marshall. For questions about the form you may contact Ms. Latham. ( A copy of the form is found here.

Go Center

The Go Center is sending a daily text message at 8 pm in English and español. The messages contain information about scholarships, colleges, and career that are appropriate for students of all ages, parents, and teachers!
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For English: 
Text this number (832) 460-0303
With this message: @dailytex 
Or send email to
For Spanish
Text this number (832) 460-0303
With this message @mensajed
Or send email to: 

Power Up

Media - Culinary Arts - Hotel Management-MCAHM

For questions or tours Contact:
Halee Porter-  
Deadline is set for December 19th at midnight
Please watch the short video to catch a glimpse of the greatness expected of our magnet students. 
Welcome to Panther Land!!!The Pride of the North side!!!

TEA 2012-2014 Report Card




Click the counselor's name to send email 
12th Grade  All    Joy Moran   713.226.4944
9th – 11th A- L Sandra Rios 713.226.4917
9th – 11th M-Z  Martha Martinez 713.226.4502                                  

Joy Moran 713-226-4944
Sandra Rios 713-226-4914
Martha Martinez 713-226-4502 

Principal Alcantar
Welcome Davis Panthers,

2015 has so much in store for us and I can’t wait to get started. I want you to know I have listened to many of your concerns and we are working hard to make our school the best in Houston!

To start, we have modified our dress code. All students can wear any color shirt or pants, BUT there are no shorts allowed. Of course we have a code of conduct that will be followed which includes guidelines for dress. Nothing vulgar or too revealing, no house shoes, no ripped or torn pants. The goal is to remember we are here to learn and that is most important. 

Second, we have a new schedule this year. Four courses every other day, approximately 85 min classes and we will continue with our long lunch. During lunch we will hold our class meetings, club events, tutorials, college visits, detention and so much more. You need to be watching our webpage, listening to announcements and checking your Naviance account for announcements. 

Third, we will be a Power Up campus this year. All students will be issued a laptop in January and throughout the fall semester we will work on the training for your teachers and YOU! All students will be asked to pay $25 for the laptop before Dec 15, 2014. Watch out for more information on this new, yet exciting initiative!

Our theme this year is MAKE IT HAPPEN! We can show you what to do, how to do it and even give you everything you need to get it done, but if you don’t MAKE IT HAPPEN- it won’t.  WE NEED YOU- together so much can happen. This year we will be pushing you to be better in so many ways. Davis wants you to succeed, not only here, but when you leave and it will be important to push yourself NOW, so be ready and let’s work together to make you the BEST! There are three things we want from you: great attendance, great behavior and above all else- great grades in your classes. Get these taken care of and the rest will follow! 

2015 brings many AWESOME things for you at Davis and I can’t wait to see your name highlighted for scholarships and recognitions and you know how much I love to say your name on the announcements. Are you ready for this?  
Mrs. Julissa Alcantar-Martinez
Your Proud Panther Principal