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Askew Elementary School

Where All Our Stars Shine Brightly

Vanguard Magnet Coordinator
Scott Bounds
Email: sbounds@houstonisd.org
Phone: 281-368-2100

Vanguard Magnet Program K-5

HISD’s Vanguard Magnet programs serve students who have been identified as potentially gifted or talented in intellectual ability, creativity, or leadership. Vanguard Magnet offers a differentiated curriculum that is both accelerated and enriched.  Students study interdisciplinary units that emphasize higher level thinking skills, problem solving and creativity. The Vanguard program requires testing.

The Askew Vanguard Program, for grades K- 5, is part of HISD’s Magnet School Choice System. Askew Vanguard is a program of approximately 300 identified gifted and talented students from across Houston ISD. For over 37 years, Askew has provided concentrated and accelerated instruction in all content areas, making it a stellar gifted program. The program provides for the development and implementation of a curriculum for the gifted and talented children who reflect a diverse student body. The overall goals of the Askew Vanguard program are to provide gifted students additional opportunities for developing their exceptional talent and pursuing their special interests within an environment that promotes divergent, creative, and critical thinking and reasoning skills.

The History of Jewel Askew Elementary

Jewel Askew served HISD for 36 years as teacher, assistant superintendent of education, director of elementary school education, and consultant for elementary curriculum.  She also taught at Sam Houston State College and the University of Houston, founded the Texas Association for Improvement of Reading, and enjoyed national acclaim as a lecture. The campus named in her honor opened in 1977.

The Curriculum

The Askew curriculum is comprised of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and HISD’s Scholars and Knowledge Framework. As students master basic skills they are also being challenged through differentiated lessons that are on and above their grade level. Teachers incorporate higher level thinking skills in their daily instruction and nurture students’ creativity through student choice products.  Along with the development of students’ critical and creative skills, they also learn the research process using the Independent Investigation Method (IIM).  From kindergarten through fifth grade students learn the skills necessary for in-depth research and showcase their products during G/T Expo, a school-wide event held in the spring.  All students in the Vanguard Program are challenged to use their thinking and reasoning skills and their creative abilities in every aspect of their instructional day.  Askew Vanguard offers a diversified curriculum that meets the needs of each gifted learner.

Community Involvement Projects

One of the goals of the Askew Vanguard Magnet Program is to provide students with increased opportunities that are designed to revitalize and enhance the surrounding communities. By integrating academic, problem solving, and critical thinking skills into community involvement projects, students are provided with relevant and motivational opportunities to connect the principles and methods of community problem solving. Students are able to use skills taught in the classroom to investigate social, political, and economic issues and to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility and the role they can play. Each project serves the purpose of achieving goals such as fund-raising to assist underprivileged families, collaborating with community stakeholders to meet community needs, fostering multiculturalism, mentoring students in need and creating overall awareness of the importance of education.

Askew After School Enrichment Opportunities

Students have the option to participate in high quality campus activities beyond the regular school day. Students engage in U.I.L. competition preparation, athletics and fine arts, humanities, and healthy living classes. The Askew after school provider (fee-based) even offers classes in robotics, dance, and drama.


How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Askew ES and our Vanguard program!
The 2016–2017 HISD magnet application will be available online or through a paper application on October 1, 2015. An application takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Before starting, if your child is a current HISD student, please locate his or her HISD student ID number on a report card or by calling their school.
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When there are more qualified applicants than space available, a school-specific lottery or audition shall be used to select students. All lottery sessions will be held at Hattie Mae White Educational Support Center by the Office of School Choice. Lottery results are not final until approved by the Office of School Choice. 

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