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Welcome to the World of Music at Field Elementary School. Students learn to sing new songs and play instruments including precorders, recorders, xylophones, African drums, handbells, kazoos, keyboards, etc. Every student will master playing either the precorder or the recorder on their grade level. Grades Prek-2 will play precorders and grades 3-5 will play recorders. The precorder and recorder instruments prepare the students for middle school bands. In learning to play instruments, students identify notes and their values and learn to read notes on the treble staff fluently. 
I have your child's best interest at heart and am interested in your child's music career. I believe if we put an instrument in the hands of children and get them hooked on music when they are young, they will be less likely to join gangs and get hooked on drugs when they get older. Help me mold and shape your child's music future. Let's get children hooked on music! Carolyn J. Davis, Music Instructor
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Carolyn J. DavisCarolyn J. Davis

Title: Music Instructor

About the Instructor

Carolyn J. Davis has been the music teacher at Field Elementary School since August of 2014. She is a former graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi where she received her Bachelor of Music in Education (B.M.E.) Degree. Upon moving to Houston in 1985, she served as the music teacher of Dodson Elementary and Montessori School for 29 years until the school closed in the Spring of 2014.

Ms. Davis has received the honor of  being nominated Teacher of the Year three times since she has been in the district. In 2004, she won Houston Independent School District Elementary Teacher of the Year Runner-Up. She has always worked hard at making a difference in the lives of children through music. 

Ms. Davis teaches her students to be the best they can be in music as well as in their other subjects. She has taken two (2) groups of students to perform at the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio, Texas. She has been told that she has a gift in teaching even the youngest child to understand and perform music. Helping children to realize their music potential give her much satisfaction in her career. 



Precorders & Recorders
Students will learn to play precorders (Prek-2nd) and recorders (3rd-5th). Learning to play these instruments will teach boys and girls how to identify and read notes on the treble staff fluently. The ultimate goal is for students to leave Field Elementary School and be ready to play a band instrument in middle school.

Piano (Keyboard)
Learning to play the piano is so much fun. To get the students started in playing the piano, they read the book entitled Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment by Myles Feltenberger. This book starts by teaching students to identify C-D-E on the keyboard and on the treble staff. Kinder students can learn to play the "C-D-E" songs. The older students master playing pages from the Bastien Piano Basics method books by James Bastien. To motivate the students to practice keyboard at home, students play their favorite songs from the free piano app called "Piano Maestro by JoyTunes" on their iPads and iPhones. (The app is free when I register the students).

Xylophones make beautiful music. In playing xylophones, everyone must work together in order to create a masterpiece. Students learn improvisation and learn to express themselves when playing xylophones. Some parts may be complex and some parts may be easy. When both parts are put together, a masterpiece is created and it is "music to your ears."

African Drums
Drums, drums, drums! Everyone likes to tap a drum and create a rhythm.  Watching the expressions on the students' faces when they play drums are exciting to watch. Everyone enjoys playing the drums. Rhythm reading enhances successful drum playing.
 Djembe Drum
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