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Virgil Ivan Grissom Elementary School

Plotting a Course to College and Beyond

handprints Virgil I. Grissom Elementary School is not only committed to the academic growth of its students, but the social and relational growth as well.  Joining a club gives students a comfortable place to meet others with similar interests. This often forms the basis for lifelong friendships. 

Children who participate in a variety of activities are introduced to new skills and given a chance to develop them. As children realize they "can do", their self-confidence grows. 

In addition to self-confidence, students learn teamwork, develop independence, learn about leadership and responsibility, civic mindedness and experience the joy of making a difference.  Some students join a club just for the fun of it. 
Playing a game, drawing, dancing -- whatever the focus, children participate because they enjoy the activities, and sometimes fun is as good a reason as any other to join a club. 

Currently, clubs meet on Mondays & Fridays.  For more information on the clubs being offered, check out the CLUBS CHANNEL at the top of the page!
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