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Attendance Initiative

 Attendance Initiative

At Halpin we recognize that student achievement can only occur when children come to school. During this school year, our faculty and staff is committed to increase our attendance from 92% to 95%. It is an ambitious goal, and we believe that is achievable with the support of families and the community.  

Halpin Attendance Initiative encompasses three main areas:  

1. Attendance Data Tracking  

       A data team weekly reviews patterns of good attendance & chronic absences by grade, classroom and sub-population. 

2. Rewards Program       

         Halpin's Attendance Committee designed a school wide program of incentives for students, families,and teachers that is promoted daily in order to increase attendance and keep students motivated.

3. Intervention for Students with Chronic Absenteeism
           Monthly reports are generated to identify students with more than 10% rate of absenteeism. The Attendance Committee is currently working on reaching out to chronically absent students and their families with the goal of finding the factors that hinder their daily attendance. The committee also looks forward to creating interventions to help students with high levels of absenteeism, a program to educate parents that attendance matters starting in Kindergarten, and to encourage families to help each other get to school. 

Resource: http://www.attendanceworks.org/ 



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