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César E. Chavez High School

Parking Permits 
Updated on: 9/12/2016

Finance Office

Students must park in the student parking lot, ONLY.  The cost of the parking permit is 
$60 per year ($30 per semester).  Parking fees are non-refundable. 
To obtain a parking permit, the student must present a current Texas Driver's License, 
proof of insurance, name covered by the insurance policy, and applicable fee of $60 
for the whole school year. ($30 for one semester)


Any vehicle parked on the Student Parking Lot without a valid parking permit or in
an unauthorized area will be towed at the owner's expense.  
 Parking permits are to be placed on the lower, passenger-side of the window.  
Parking privileges will be immediately taken away for speeding, 
reckless driving, or for any other vehicular or disciplinary infraction.

The following was posted on 10/7/2016 and will be effective by 10/10/2016

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