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Guidelines for use of The Rice School Planner

Students, Parents, Teachers 2016–2017



The planner is used by students in grades K-8 as a means of communicating with the parents.  The student planner is the messenger in many ways, keeping the lines of communication open between parents and teachers.  The planner provides information and should be checked daily.  Please use the planner as a tool for learning.  Each student from grade 1-8 is given a planner and expected to use it throughout the school year.   Replacements may be purchased as needed.


It is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Have the official School Planner in every class each day (except Physical Education).

  2. Copy the homework assignment at the beginning of every class day.  If there is no assignment, the student will write “none” in the space provided.

  3. Request Hall Passes for personal emergency only.  In middle school you must have your planner in order to request a Hall Pass.

  4. Consider using the planner for personal planning as well – club meetings, sporting events, parties, family events, etc.

  5. Be sure your parents see your planner every night.  Please follow cluster expectations.


    It is the parent’s responsibility to:

  1. Ask to see the planner daily.

  2. Monitor conduct and homework assignment completion both through the planner, email and parent/teacher conference.

  3. Sign the planner each day so the teacher knows you are up-to-date on your child’s assignments, conduct and any notes the teacher has written.

  4. Send notes regarding absences the day following the absence.

  5. Include your child in planning family events and recording them in the student’s planner.


    It is the teacher’s responsibility to:

  1. Use the planner as a means of communication with the parents, expecting a response from the parent.

  2. Have clear, concise homework assignments posted for students to record in their daily planner.

  3. Have clear, concise expectations of special projects including checkpoint dates and final due dates.

  4. Have a system in place for assuring that the planner is being used.