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2nd Grade


Your child will be expected to demonstrate phonological awareness, phonics skills and an automatic recognition of sight words which will support his/her ability to read expressively with appropriate pace, phrasing, intonation and rhythm of speech.
He/she will be able to ask and answer literal, inferential, and critical thinking questions before, during, and after reading texts and find connections using a variety of reading strategies.



The second grade team at Bonner implements mathematical skills and strategies for problem solving with an emphasis on everyday situations.  Reading math statements and problem solving skills are reviewed daily. Students should be able to make predictions, reason, draw logical conclusions, and generalize their results with emphasis on making real life connections in group settings and independently.  
  • Patterns
  • Addition and subtraction of two digit numbers 
  • Measurement 
    • Time and money 
  • Geometry 
  • Fractions
    • Halves to tenths
  • Problem Solving
  • Probability and Statistics
    • Collect & record data
  • Number relationships
    • Whole numbers to 1,000



Second grade students will use inquiry to focus on questions about the world around them,
including questions related to earth science, physical science, and life science.
Earth/Space Science
  • Observing the Night Sky
Physical Science
  • Changes

Life/Environmental Science

  • Life Cycles


Social studies

Second grade students will study important historical Figures. In addition, 2nd graders will begin to examine the basic concept of government and continue to acquire basic economic concepts.
  • Location & its relationship to human activities
  • Compare past, present, & future
  • Producers, consumers & making decisions
Political Science
  • Historical development of democratic principles necessary to become a citizen
People of the Nation & World
  • Compare and contrast native Americans and pilgrims.



English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are practiced to develop student’s second language acquisition.  Language skills are developed with academically appropriate materials in which academics themes are reinforced through their second language.
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