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Barbara Bush Elementary

Success for every student

 Principal, Theresa Rose


August 2017

Dear Parents,


The specialist teachers welcome everyone to a new school year at Barbara Bush Elementary! We hope you had a wonderful summer and your children are looking forward to exciting learning experiences in our Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Technology classes.


In order for children to enjoy our classes, they need to be prepared.  Wearing appropriate footwear for physical education, returning library books, and bringing recorders to music class are just some of the ways the students can be prepared.  Another way is by bringing great attitudes and behavior.


The specialists use a unified grading system. Expectations will be clearly explained to all students, and failure to comply with the rules will result in a Red Card being sent home.  The Red Card will explain the infraction. The card requires a parent signature and must be returned to the specialist the next school day.  Specialist grades for that grading period may be determined by the number of red cards a student receives:


1-2 Red Cards = S

3    Red Cards = N      

3+  Red Cards = U


Red cards will prevent students from participating in the after school programs such as sports teams, chorus, art, technology, and Name That Book. 


We expect students to behave appropriately and act respectfully, so they can be successful in all areas. We look forward to a great year. Thank you for your support.





Linda Buza, Ed.D.      Rhea Rodiek               Abby Fogelson                                               

Art                               Music                          Computer/Technology


Erin Pham                   Barbie Miller

Physical Education     Library



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