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Daily attendance in ALL classes is imperative for academic success.  It is important that students conduct non-school business after school hours. More than four unexcused absences per semester could result in loss of credit in the course affected.  Avoid loss of credits by turning in excuse notes within 3 days of returning from the absence.  Loss of credit may be appealed through the credit restoration process.  Students who have been absent from school must submit a written parent excuse to the Attendance Office within three school days after the absence.  The note must include:

·       Student’s full name and ID #

·       Date of note and date of absence

·       Specific reason for absence

·       Parent/Guardian signature

·       Phone number(s) where parent/guardian can be reached for verification

·       Absences of 5 or more consecutive days must be excused with a doctor’s note

·       Parents may also fax excuse notes to the attendance office @713-295-3704 or email to attendance at:


·       Students arriving late for school must report to the Attendance Office with a note.  Daily assignments that occur on the day of the absence, either excused or unexcused, may be made up. 

A note to excuse types of excused absences:

·       Personal Illness

·       Death in the immediate family

·       Medical/dental appointments

·       Emergencies or unusual circumstances excused by the alpha Assistant Principal

·       2 approved College visits during the fall and spring semesters of the junior and senior year can be coded as exempt under the attendance policy for final exam exemptions.  Upon returning the student needs to provide a parent note for the excused absence and a dated letter on letterhead from college/university that was visited.

·       Religious holidays- students are excused from attending school for observation of the Religious holiday(s) provided a signed parental note is sent to the Attendance Office in advance.  


Straight talk from the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department.

  •     The Juvenile code states that even as a juvenile you are still subject to all Texas Laws, state, county and municipal ordinances.
  • Harris County enforces a curfew during school hours. Any student can expect to be stopped and questioned by a police officer and could receive a ticket.  The day time curfew is from 9:00 a.m.-2:30p.m.
  • You can be penalized for breaking the law even if you didn’t know what the law said, or that it even existed.