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Job Title Name
Main Office Cindy Knotts
Principal Michael McDonough
Assistant Principal Andrew Monzon
Assistant Principals
A & SPED Students Gary Tunstall (Sp. Ed)
B- C Michelle Shoulders
D-G Cilya Frank
H-L Sergio Lira
M-P Jamey Schaaf
Q-S Kori Catlin
T - Z Bryan Hill
A-Z Gary Tunstall (Sp. Ed)
Andrew Monzon
A & B Susan Childs
C & Q Charles Lawler
D, E, F, & O Susan Lede
G & H Liliana Hernandez
I, J, K, & L Trisha Magilke
M & N Lourdes Fernandez
P & R Amelia Hill
S & T Vyrlyn Revere
U - Z Lindsey Pike
ESL Students Luis Vides
College Center Lauren Rizzoli
School Social Worker Lara Hulin
Athletic Director Bruce Glover
Campus Police Officer Rodriguez
Student Case Worker Asia Duhon
Magnet Coordinator Amanda O'Leary
Special Ed Coordinator Linda Wood
Title I Coordinator David Thornhill
School Secretary Terri Alvarado Saldana
Business Manager Diana Leeson
Attendance Clerk Susy Avalos
Registrar Willie Mae Franklyn
Communications & Facilities Debbie Campbell
VIPS David Thornhill
Truancy Asia Duhon
504 Amelia Hill
Data Coordinator Lekeitha Moody
School Nurse Diana Macomber
School Nurse Chantini Thomas
Librarian Carl Casteel
PAP/GT Coordinator Jamey Schaaf
IB Coordinator Ann Linsley
Textbooks Ann Linsley
Dual Credit Cerise Anderson
Grad Lab Joseph Ogle
Safety/Security Andrew Monzon
IT/Network Specialist Allen Scarrow or Bryan Paniagua