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Horace W. Elrod Elementary

Emerging Medical Scholars Magnet

Ms. Jessica Galvan

Second Grade Teacher

Educational Background: I received my Associate in Arts Degree at HCC and transferred to Texas Southern University to receive my Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Educational Philosophy: Every child has a gift to learn and it is my responsibility, as a teacher, to help them open that gift. I believe that all children are worth the time, effort and encouragement that I give them. They are the future generation and I want to nurture learning, confidence and abilities in them so they can be who they were created to be.

Student Expectations: All students are expected to attend school daily on time and ready to learn. Students should come to class prepared with the necessary items (ex. agenda, homework, pencils). Students are also expected to participate in daily activities and always do their best. Students should show respect and display appropriate behavior everywhere they go.

Conference Period: I am available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 7:50AM-8:40AM.  Please email me (jgalvan@houstonisd.org) or send a note in your child's agenda to schedule a conference.  You may even call the front office at 713-778-3300 to leave a message about scheduling a conference.  
Student Words of Encouragement:
Always remember...


Mission Statement: Our mission is to promote a culture of college-career readiness and high academic expectations for above grade level performance in a safe and nurturing environment that also promotes the health and medical sciences.

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