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Garden Oaks Montessori

Montessori Magnet with Environmental Sciences

7th and 8th grade Middle School Information
The Montessori curriculum for middle school is largely project-based and hands-on.  Adolescents prefer to learn through social interaction and practical application.  Students have a strong desire to see for themselves how their studies relate to them and their lives.  This is why you often hear, “When will I ever use this?” or “Why do I need to know this?”  Montessori instruction in middle school environments empowers students by helping them to find these connections.
Our program is developed to meld the student’s natural motivations and interests while ensuring that minimum state requirements are met or exceeded.  Through a hands-on, project-based program we address all the major subjects: Mathematics, English, History and Science.  
Mathematics is studied through the integration of a variety of curricula including GoMath, Saxon Math and Montessori materials as well as online resources such as Kahn Academy and APEX.  To develop a deeper understanding of math, students use manipulates to explore how Algebra was developed and is applied.  Math is studied as a unified system of analysis.  The math textbooks are used to practice these techniques in a more traditional format.  Students may take Algebra I and Geometry for high school credit if qualified.
English is studied as a means of communication.  Through written expression, applied reading techniques and oral communication practice in all subject areas, students study the English language as vital tool in communication with others.
History is studied through a combination of direct instruction and student developed projects.  US and Texas history are studied in relation to the student and their place in history.
Science is addressed in terms of occupation and application.  In addition to classroom studies our studied extend to the application of the information in real world context.  Our outdoor environment is an ideal environment for exploring how our work directly impacts the world.
Field trips are an important part of the curriculum as is the annual internship experience wherein students intern at businesses for one week. 
Additionally, students participate in elective courses including Physical Education/Health, Spanish, Art, and our Magnet Elective which this year focuses on global connections and Mandarin language studies.  
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