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Shearn Elementary School

Every Student, Every Day

Shearn Elementary:
Lighthouse Team Leader in Me Meeting
Friday January 31, 2014
Start Time: 3:30PM
End Time: 5:00PM
Members Present
Sandy Adair
Lourdes Rodriguez
Eric Whitten
Katherine Keafer
Kayla Keidel
Tracey Hall
Lillian Banks
Kathleen Garson
- The committee welcomed Ms. Canthy Luna to the Lighthouse Team
- We discussed our private victories and shared how we have been using the
7 habits in class and seen students implementing the habits in class
- Ms. Walker visited and we discussed having grade levels sign up to bring
food to the faculty meetings- 2 grade levels would bring food the rest of
the faculty meetings
- We finalized Lighthouse Action Teams
o Design Team: Environment Action Team (Banks)
§ Hallway names
§ Faculty Members
• Lillian Banks- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Nidia Hernandez
• Samantha Grow
• Hector Dyer
• Natasha Seaton
• Lucia Isas
• Bill Buck
o Pride Team: Modeling Team (Garson)
§ Blue Ribbons and Awards- Leadership Assembly
§ 9 Week Awards Ceremony
§ Student Lighthouse Team
§ Faculty Members
• Sandy Adair- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Kathleen Garson- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Karen Baldwin
• Rodolfo Aguilar
o Curriculum Support and Intervention (CSI) (Hall and Whitten)
§ TLiM Family Event
§ School Song
§ Faculty Members
• Tracey Hall- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Eric Whitten- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Kristen Farek
• Regina Recio
o Systems (Keidel and Jimenez-Luna)
§ Principal 200 Club- We need to have template of 2 100 charts
and cut and bring them together and get that out as soon as
§ We also need numbers for the students to pick out- Hall
§ This needs to be a PDF to be printed from our industrial printer
§ Create a communication to staff and create parent letter so
they can anticipate positive phone calls home – Garson will
make the parent letter and Jimenez- Luna will do translation,
Keidel will create the staff letter
§ This will happen at 1:00PM everyday for 10 students
§ Create- student name, grade, habit, distributer – Leaders in the
§ We need to get colored paper for each day of the week so
that a student from another day does not bring it into the
§ It will be 2 passes for 5 teachers each day
§ These will be placed on the back of the cards when people
swipe in so they know they have tickets to pass out for the
§ The following Friday everything needs to be up and laminated
§ This also needs to be on the announcements
§ Rodriguez will make the 200 chart for the Principal’s 200 Club
§ Ideas for prizes: pizza lunch, popcorn bar, ice cream sundae
§ Attendance
§ Faculty Members
• Kayla Keidel- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Canthy Jimenez-Luna- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Oscar Leija
• F. Marlene Spotts
• Dolores Medina
o Technology (Rodriguez and Keafer)
§ Announcements
§ PowerPoint Pictures
§ Faculty Members
• Lourdes Rodriguez- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Katherine Keafer- Lighthouse Team Leader
• Santi Villa
• Albert Del Rio
• Edgar Jimenez
- Reviewed last meeting’s minutes
Leadership Pictures
- Members of the Lighthouse Team will send pictures of the teams to Mrs.
Adair by Monday
- Ms. Rodriguez will take pictures of Green Leaders on Monday
- Ms. Garson will take safety leader picture on Monday Afternoon
The committee decided that the Leadership Assembly would be on Feb 21st with the
Blue Ribbon Ceremony
Banner Competition
o Each grade will get a habit and there will be a banner contest for
each grade level
o There will be letters sent home with students and to parents about
the banner competition
o Students will be able to create their own designs and their banners
will hang in the hallways
o Mrs. Adair will send letter to Lighthouse Team to proofread
o We need to send staff letter about the banner
Faculty Meetings
- We discussed how we could re-structure the faculty meetings so we could
meet in our action teams
- We will meet with everyone for 10 minutes to go over important and new
- Action teams will then meet for an hour and discuss roles within the action
teams and start to plan the action items for each team
- Faculty will come back for 15 minutes to share out roles and what agenda for
each action team is
- Lighthouse members will email their action teams to tell them what room they
will be meeting in
Bulletin Boards
- In the Leader in Me Early Dismissal on Wednesday we discussed different
ideas that we can use in our classrooms using the 7 Habits
- Teachers can use these ideas to implement new bulletin boards in the
hallways tied to the 7 habits
- Ms. Garson will send email with deadlines for teachers for mission
statements, leadership roles etc. up before Leadership Day,
- Need to have grade level display that ties habit to some piece of curriculumby
March 1st
- Send email to everyone- this can stay up until after Spring Break
- Think about tying next group of student work to habits on inside the
classroom bulletin boards as well
Bulletin Boards Outside
- The papers outside on the bulletin boards come off or crumple up because
of the weather
- Mr. Whitten suggested that we could put plexi glass on the outside bulletin
- Mrs. Adair will email to find out if we could get plexi glass on the next work
We decided that we need to plan a date for Leadership Day and set a date in the
next meeting
We will also create the checklist for teachers for Leadership Day next meeting
(Feb. 7)
Leadership Assembly February 21st
- What if we take pictures of students getting their blue ribbon awards being
given out in class
- We will do chants and banners
- Students recite their mission statement
- Video showing what habits means to them
- 7 Habits bracelets given out by teachers- a random teacher will have all
bracelets for proactive and hand them out for the grade levels in the
ceremony so that everyone has to pay attention
- 7 Habits song to Roar- 1st verse and then the chorus
Vasquez- Student Council
- If we have anything we want student council to work on or help with talk to
Mr. Vasquez
Parent Night Training
- Try to have one in February and March for parents to be trained on the 7
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