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Pershing Middle School

A Fine Arts Magnet School

Welcome to the Pershing Physical Education Department!

PE classes focus on conditioning, flexibility, health and team sports.

Each unit will last approximately 2-3 weeks. Health units are 6 weeks in duration. 

Athletic classes will focus on strength, endurance,agility, flexibility, and coordination Possible workouts include weight training, Pilates, circuit training, Zumba and line dancing, and WOD's (workouts of the day).

Necessary Supplies:

  • PE classes need a gray Pershing t-shirt and black PE shorts.
  • Athletics classes need a gray Pershing athletics shirt and red Athletics shorts. 
  • All students need to wear socks and appropriate footwear. Running or tennis shoes are required.
  • All students need a combination lock (preferably master). PE lockers are for class period use only. Athletic lockers are for semester use. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, deodorant, and body wipes. Body sprays are permitted however glass containers are prohibited in the gym and locker rooms. 
  • Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen are allowed however sunglasses and hats may only be worn outdoors. 

Grading Policy

Students start each class period with a 100. Students who do not dress out properly for class drop to a 75 for the day. Non dress and non participation without a doctors note will result in a grade of 50 for the day. After 3 unexcused non dresses in a 6 weeks, parent contact will be made, the student will receive a morning detention and subsequent non dresses will result in a 50 for the day. Parents please encourage your child to come prepared for class.

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