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Frank Black Middle School

A Vanguard Magnet Campus


Every Friday afternoon, during the last period of the day, all faculty members and all students at Frank Black Middle School end the week with an iClub meeting.   The "i" stands for investment: it's an investment of time, talent and enthusiasm for non-academic pursuits and passions.  It is an opportunity to meet other students across academic groupings and grade levels.  iClubs change semesterly, giving all students two choices from more than forty offerings.  Dedicated time during the school day at FBMS guarantees that every student has the opportunity to participate in club activities.   Most importantly, it provides another opportunity for fun and learning at Frank Black and it's a great way to wrap up the week.

iClubs for this semester include:

      iMusical:            write and stage an original musical
      iHoop:                basketball
      iCraft:                 craft creations
      iFilm:                  film history 
      iSign:                 learn sign language
      iRead:                practice for Name That Book
      iCook:                learn to create great cuisine 
      iSolve:               work on puzzles and logic games
      iKaraoke:          your turn to be a singing star
      iRobot:              learn robotics
      iSwim:               practice swimming in the FBMS pool
      iDebate:            learn the art of debate and prep to compete
      iSculpt:             create the FBMS Art Car and learn about 3-D art
      iSoccer:            the world's most popular sport
      iBroadcast:       learn the fundamentals of news broadcasts
      iCreate:              learn to create your own dance routines
      iKick:                 learn to kickbox
      iThread:            learn to sew by hand
      iProgram:         learn computer programming
      iPep:                 promote school spirit
        iGame:               use online gaming sights to learn and build skills
+ 21 other great iClubs!


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