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Bell Elementary School

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Spelling Bee Winners
Congratulations to the Kate Bell Spelling Bee winners as well as all who participated in the Bee. Good luck in the final Bee. 
1st Place - Daniel C.
2nd Place - Akira B.
3rd Place - Jesse O. 

Congratulations to the following students at the
UIL Competition 2:

Results of December 5, 2015 Academic and Speaking UIL Competitions:

Bryan R.:  Oral reading English 3rd place and Solo acting 1st place

Adeline G.:  Oral reading Spanish 3rd place and Impromptu Speaking 3rd place

Luke B.:  Public speaking 3rd place

Natalie C.:  Spelling 4th grade- 10th place

Valarie P.:  Mathematics 7th place

Bradley L.:  Chess puzzle 10th place

Sammy V.:  Music Memory 4th place

Karelly C.: Impromptu Speaking Spanish 3rd place

Eduardo L.:  Impromptu speaking Spanish 1st place

William T.:  Solo acting 1st place

Kameron W.:  Solo acting 1st place

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