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Burrus Elementary

Fine Arts Magnet

Dual Language (English and Spanish)

Burrus Elementary is a dual language school using the 50-50 two-way model for English and Spanish. The most common questions are addressed below.
What are the goals of the program?
  • Development of fluency and literacy in English and Spanish for all students
  • The integration of native English speakers and English Language Learners for academic instruction. Whenever possible, each campus program should have 50 percent of each.
  • The promotion of bilingualism, biliteracy, cross-cultural awareness, and high academic achievement. 
What are the characteristics of the program?
  • An enriching bilingual environment that has full support of the school's administrators, teachers, and parents.
  • A minimum five'year commitment, but ideally from kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Both English and Spanish speakers are instructed together
  • Separation of the two languages, with teachers using the language of instruction.
  • A rigorous core academic curriculum that is aligned to state standards.
  • An active parent-school partnership.
What are the program standards?
  • A minimum of 50 percent to a maximum of 80 percent of daily instruction in the non-English language.
  • Equitable access to students, screening only language dominance.
  • Strategic separation of languages by the teacher - no translation.
  • An enrollment commitment from kindergarten through fifth grade (through 12th grade is encouraged).
  • Decisions on program, curriculum, and instruction based on research and best practices for English Language Learners.
Why should my child be in a dual language program? 
  •  Being bilingual expands opportunities by enabling students to communicate and interact with more people from around the world, giving them the skills and knowledge to function competently and confidently in a global society.
  • Dual Language students display greater academic, cognitive, and social skills than those in all-English classes.
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