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Durham Elementary School

International Baccalaureate World School

Meet Durham's new counselor Ms. Clarinda Bell-Fletcheron. 
HISD provides counseling services through the office of Special Education. Crisis counselors are also available upon request through Psychological Services.  Parents and teachers may refer students to the Leadership team or the nurse, and they can work with HISD and appropriate agencies to offer support and guidance to parents and students. 
In the event of an emergency, please contact Nurse Barraza or Mrs. Poerschke at 713-613-2527

Additional Contact Information:
Psychological Services at HISD (713-696-6430)
Crisis Intervention Hotline of Houston (713-228-1505)
Counseling & Guidance (713-556-7240)
Teen Hotline (713-529-8336)/Spanish (available MWF 6PM-10PM) (713-526-8088)
On Campus Support Methodologies
Individual Support involves meeting with the student to help deal with and work through a problem that is bothering the student and/or adversely affecting the student’s learning. It offers needed support to guide the child through a problem area. There is a wide variance in the purpose of one on one conferencing in order to meet the various needs of the child.
The needs of each child can vary from:
• an outlet to talk/vent in order to think things through,
• to the benefit received from a caring counselor/child friendship,
• to the support shared in the dealing with a difficult situation that the child cannot change,
• to the assistance given to the child in creating a plan for things they cannot change,
• to help in strengthening needed skills for success.
Classroom Guidance consists of structured lessons designed to help students achieve the desired competencies and to provide all students with the knowledge and skills appropriate for their developmental level. The school guidance curriculum is delivered throughout the school's overall curriculum and is taught through the IB Learner Profile and IB Attitudes. The classroom lessons taught will be designed to support the classroom teachers in implementing the Learner Profiles and Attitudes.

Below is a list of topics that will be addressed:
• Respect
• Tolerance
• Empathy
• Caring
• Open-Mindedness
• Reflecting
• Listening/Communication
• Bullying
• Test Strategies
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