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Cage Elementary

Educating Students for Success in a Changing World

Shared Decision-Making Committee (SDMC)

SDMC Members

 Ms. E. Leos Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
 Ms. V. Mendoza Kindergarten Teacher
 Ms. A. Contreras First Grade Teacher
 Ms. E. Barrera Second Grade Teacher
 Ms. J. Perez Third Grade Teacher
 Mr. B. Brooks Fourth Grade Teacher
 Ms. A. De la Rosa Fifth Grade Teacher
 Mr. S. Stott Special Education Teacher
 Mr. C. Bohorquez Ancillary Teacher
 Ms. J. Melliza Sixth Grade Teacher
 Mr. T. Prough Seventh Grade Teacher
 Ms. V. Kubos Eight Grade Teacher
 Mr. R. Arrazate  Non-Instructional Staff Member
 Dr. Jose Covarrubia Principal
 Dr. L. Rodriguez Assistant Principal
 Ms. G. Freitag Dean of Instruction and Students
 Mr. G. Gallardo Teacher Specialist
 Ms. S. Villanueva Instrucctional Specialist

SDMC Minutes

The Cage Elementary/Project Chrysalis SDMC Committee meets regularly on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Members are also notified in case of emergency meetings taking place.

August 19, 2016 
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