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Attendance Information

Students who acquire an absence must bring a note from the parent or legal guardian within 3 days of returning back to school.  Failure to bring a note will result in an unexcused absence. If excuse notes are turned in for a previous grading cycle that has ended, they will not be accepted.  Parents may fax excuses to 713-226-4543 or email our School Registrar, Ms. Hernandez, at nherna12@houstonisd.org

Absence note should contain the following information:

•         Student’s full name

•         Date of absence

•         Reason for absence

•         Parent/Guardian name and signature

•         Phone number(s) where parent/guardian can be reached.


Excuses for absences must be one of the following:

•        Personal illness

•        Illness or death in the family

•        Weather or road conditions making travel dangerous

•        Emergencies or any unusual circumstances recognized by the principal

•        Doctor’s excuse


Students must be signed out in the main office if they are leaving campus while classes are in session.  Students are only allowed to leave with their parent/guardian or any other person whose name is on enrollment card with the school.  Persons who are not listed on the student enrollment card may not check out a student unless a note from the parent has been brought in, faxed, or emailed.  It must include the parent name and number, name of the person picking up the student, and a copy of the parent’s driver license or another form of picture ID.  All persons checking out a student will be asked to show a valid ID.  

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