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Tanglewood MS

International Baccalaureate World School

Shared Decision Making Committee
Meetings Held:  Quarterly (or 1st Thursday of the month at 3:30pm as needed)
September 1, 2016   October 6, 2016   November 3, 2016 
February 2, 2017  April 6, 2017  May 4, 2017
Description: This campus-level planning and decision-making process was established in 1992 by the Board of Education to involve professional and non-professional staff members, parents, community members, and business representatives in public education. Participants at each school review the district’s educational goals, objectives, and major districtwide classroom instructional programs to ensure they meet the standards set forth in the Texas Education Code.
How to Participate: The school principal determines the size of the committee and nominates members from the public sphere. School-based committee members are selected by secret ballot at the campus level. Contact Mrs. Hoffman for details on how to be considered as a candidate or nominee.
2016-2017 SDMC Members 
Angela Haynes
Brian Harrist
Jessica Merrill 
Gabrielle Ranalli 
Nicholas Safin 
Professional Members
Dorothy Leahy
Malak Jabri
PTO Members
Vicki Stone
Leah Eknoyan 
Community Member
Dalton DeHart
Business Member
Bruce Padilla
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