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Tanglewood MS

International Baccalaureate World School


Tanglewood offers Pre-Advanced Placement, Academic, and ESL programs. Pre-AP has specific  requirements for acceptance based on standardized test scores, grade point average, and high conduct evaluations.

  • Grade 6

  • Sustainability World Team Leader:  Rodrigus Graham

  • Innovation World Team Leader: Diane Vu

  • Required Subjects: Language & Literature, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Language Acquisition (Spanish & Mandarin Chinese) and Physical Education

           Electives: Design (Technology Applications), General Art, General Music, Band, Theatre

  • Grade 7

  • Sustainability World Team Leader:  Julian Armas

  • Innovation World Team Leader: Gabrielle Ranalli

  •  Required Subjects: Language & Literature, Texas History, Mathematics, Science, Language Acquisition (Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers & Mandarin Chinese) and Physical Education

           Electives: Design (Computer Literacy), Art, Band, Theatre

  • Grade 8 

  • Sustainability World Team Leader: Sheila Huffman

  • Innovation World Team Leader: Julie Vanhaverbeke

  • Required Subjects: Language & Literature, U.S. History, Mathematics, Science, Language Acquisitons (Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers & Mandarin Chinese) and Physical Education

           Electives: Computer Literacy, Art, General Music, Choir, Band, Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers, Algebra I

The academic program is designed to provide students with a strong academic background in math, language, and social and natural sciences. Participation in academic enrichment projects is required.

           The Pre-Advanced program provides qualifying students with an accelerated curriculum that will prepare them for enrollment in advanced placement in a high school of their choice.Students finishing the Pre-AP Program will enter high school with academic credits in Algebra, Spanish, Spanish for Native Speakers and Chinese.

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