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tech apps

Mrs. Willms

Grades Taught: 8th grade
Subject: Technology Applications

Conference Period: 5th



Phone: 713-696-2825
Please call during conference period.


Technology Applications is a computer literacy class. Students learn computer skills following the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. 

Hour of Code - click here and please enter the code shared with you by your teacher. It's a 6-character code made up of letters and numbers.

This is computer Science Week and you will learn how to code.

This movie clip represents what I expect from each of you (my students). Always do your best! Never settle for less than the best you can do!

 Typingweb - Daily warm-up 


 Technology Literacy Assessment
1. Log in to
2. Enter your username and password.
3. There are two parts for this test. 
 Edmodo is an educational social media, which my students use primarily to turn in classwork.
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   As part of preparing for college, you will work with Naviance  to learn more about how to make plans and apply for college.
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