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  Liberty Legacy Foundation

Building a Legacy of hope & opportunity through eduction.
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The Liberty Legacy Foundation
Students at Liberty High School are motivated to succeed. Most of our students work full time and attend classes on a year-round basis. Even as students want to earn a high school diploma and go to college, there are often factors related to work and family that challenge their ability to continue with their education. As a result of identifying several areas where students need strategic support, Liberty Legacy Foundation was created to complement the work already being done by LHS (as well as to develop new programs for unmet needs) through a comprehensive support component. To support the mission of Liberty High School, as it strives to meet the needs of its students, LHS nonprofit will develop programs, link students to social and educational services, apply for grants, and seek other funding sources

Liberty Legacy Foundation helps the diverse needs of Liberty HS students from the time they enter high school to college to career.  

Please consider becoming an integral part of our foundation by getting involved in one of the programs being offered to our students .

Liberty Legacy Foundation is looking for assistance in the following areas:

  • Job Placement & Training
  • Scholarships
  • Mentorships
  • Donations
  • Advisory Council Positions

For more information please contact: Mr. Monico Rivas (   

About Liberty High School
Liberty High School was founded in 2004 with the emphasis on enrolling students that are recent immigrants to the United States, who are overage, with varying degrees of experience with formal education in their home countries, and who are unable to attend school during the day due to work or family circumstances. As a result of having adult responsibilities, most of our students would not be able to continue with their education without the services provided by LHS.

Although LHS offers various types of support to address the academic and social needs of its students, there are still some challenges that make it difficult for some LHS students to complete the requirements for a high school diploma and consequently, from going to collegewould not be able to continue with their education without the services provided by LHS. 

 Become part of the solution
Some of the factors that impact our students’ ability to attend class and to graduate are child care, transportation, and work and work hours, health care and access to other social services. Liberty Legacy Foundation was founded to assist Liberty High School (LHS) in addressing these types of needs for its student population that are outside the school’s charter. If you would If you would like to learn more about Liberty Legacy Foundation or the school it supports, Liberty High School, please contact Mr. Monico Rivas ( .


Liberty Legacy Foundation
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