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Garden Oaks Montessori

Montessori Magnet with Environmental Sciences

What is a Magnet Program?
Beliefs of a Magnet Program:
District-Wide Programs: All students district-wide have equal access to these programs.
Unique Curriculum: Each magnet program has its own unique and focused curriculum, designed to engage and serve students with specialized interests, talents, and needs.
Standards: All magnet programs are held to a rigorous set of standards ensuring the public that Magnet stands for quality, equity and efficiency.
Complimentary, not Competitive: Since each Magnet program is different, they do provide true options for parents with in an area.
Shared Experience: A key component is the prolonged engagement of not only students, but also school personnel, parents, and community members.
Addresses Student Level Factors: Research shows that 80% of the factors that accounts for a student's success are student-level: home environment, learned intelligence and background knowledge, and motivation.
Academically Rigorous and Challenging: Every child has the opportunity to move beyond the minimum level of skills in a given grade level.  Students are encouraged and learning facilitated to meet the needs of every level of instruction.
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