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College Bound  SAT Prep

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The links below will take you to a Simulation of a section of the test. It will be like taking a Virtual test with an instructor taking the test with you. If you want to work one on your own, pause the program using the bar at the bottom of each question. Try to answer the question and then watch and listen to the instructor work the problem.

Sentence Completion

Reading Comprehension

Math Multiple Choice

Math Student Generated

Find the Error Writing Skills

Improve the Sentence Writing Skills


SAT Vocabulary building Resources

SAT Vocabulary 1000 words defined: Click Here to Download


Sixteen Weeks of Independent SAT Vocabulary Practice

·  Week 1: Negotiation

·  Week 2: Moods and Dispositions

·  Week 3: Money, Money, Money

·  Week 4: Speaking of Words

·  Week 5: Bad Reputations

·  Week 6: Admirable Traits and Tendencies

·  Week 7: Conflict

·  Week 8: Shapes, Locations, and Physical Qualities

·  Week 9: Nature

·  Week 10: Seemingly Supernatural

·  Week 11: Personal Nature

·  Week 12: Work and Wonder

·  Week 13: Power

·  Week 14: It's About Time

·  Week 15: A Good Mediator

·  Week 16: Relief