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Welcome to McNamara Elementary, home of the Mighty Mustangs!

McNamara Elementary proudly provides quality education and extracurricular activities to students in Southwest Houston. McNamara is in the Sharpstown High School feeder pattern. We currently serve students in Pre-K through Fifth grades via English, Spanish bilingual, English as a Second Language, Primary (PPCD), and  Neighborhood Gifted and Talented instructional programs. We also provide services in dual languages. 

Bienvenidos a la Escuela Primaria  McNamara, casa de los Mighty Mustangs!

La escuela Primaria McNamara orgullosamente proveé educación de calidad y actividades extra curriculares a los estudiantes  del Sur Oeste de Houston. McNamara está situada  en el área de la escuela Preparatoria de Sharpstown. Actualmente proveemos servicios educacionales a los estudiantes  desde Jardín de niños (Pre-Kínder) hasta quinto grado en inglés. Clases Bilingües en Español, Inglés como Segundo Idioma,  Primario (PPCD),  programas de instrucción  de niños Dotados y Talentosos para la comunidad , como también proveemos  servicios en Lenguaje Dual(dos idiomas).

School News

Word Power Vocabulary Initiative


We are officially kicking off our WORD Power Vocabulary Initiative this year to increase student achievement on STAAR and Stanford/Aprenda. The Word Power Rangers are scheduled to visit our boys and girls each month to pump them up to learn vocabulary. Students learn words by grade level each week, and the words are reinforced in their ancillary classes.


Students have the opportunity to earn prizes from the Word Power Rangers and Mrs.Chenier by creating sentences that demonstrate they know the meaning for the word and submitting them to Ms. Meggs when they go to the library each week. The sentences are entered in a drawing, and one student from each grade level wins a prize each month.


The following websites can be used at home for students to pump up their vocabulary.


The words for each week can be found under the 'Parents & Students' tab in this site. 


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