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Welcome to Juan N. Seguín Elementary

Our Vision

The vision of Juan N. Seguín Elementary school is to ensure that all students are reading at or above grade level. Our students will be competent problem solvers, fluent writers, and team players. All students will leave Seguín prepared for a successful transition to middle school.

Our Mission

How will we reach our goal?

We will ensure the success of all children by doing whatever it takes. Teachers will systematically and aggressively identify and solve problems in their Professional Learning Communities. Students will be provided with timely intervention and high-quality instruction. Learning will be fun and exciting and children’s individuality will be celebrated daily.



Stampeding Towards Excellence!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year. We are very excited to have you as a member of the Seguin family. The staff and I have very high expectations and we are ready to provide the best educational experience your child will ever have.

Educating your child is our most important task and we want to thank you for providing us with the opportunity to make a difference. Each school year brings challenges, and it is our goal to achieve excellence as we engage in rich educational experiences that will prepare your child for the future.

Our school has adopted the “Professional Learning Community” model for school improvement. You will see that we are focused on learning as our main goal. As a result our staff will work collaboratively to ensure all students are receiving the same quality education and action is taken to ensure continuous improvement.

I ask you to continue to support your child. Be an active member of our campus and assist your child in becoming the best he/she can be. Together we can achieve our goals!


Angie Miranda