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Anderson Elementary Dual Language School

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Listen and Learn Community Meetings




Hello, this is (Dr. Vaughn). On behalf of your HISD Board of Education trustees, I would like to invite you to a town hall meeting with our new superintendent, Richard Carranza, who will be available to listen to input from the community about the district’s future and learn about key issues that are important to stakeholders.

For a list of all meetings scheduled across the district, please contact the school or visit Houston ISD dot org forward slash Listen and Learn. We hope to see you there!




Hola, soy (Dr. Vaughn). De parte de la Mesa Directiva de Educación de HISD, está usted invitado a una asamblea comunitaria con el nuevo superintendente de HISD, Richard Carranza, para escuchar la opinión de la comunidad sobre el futuro del Distrito y conocer los asuntos de mayor importancia para todos los interesados en HISD.


Comuníquese a la escuela o visite Houston ISD punto org diagonal asambleas para obtener una lista del programa de todas las asambleas del Distrito. ¡Ahí lo esperamos!

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