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Changes to Fall Semester Grading Cycle

WHS Alternative Grading Cycle Structure Fall 

Dear Westside Students and Families,

Hurricane Harvey impacted our lives in West Houston in many ways over the last several weeks. It has certainly helped us build character, if not become more creative problem solvers. The faculty at Westside has explored many options to recoup instructional time lost at the beginning of the year. After reviewing our alternatives, drafted as a collaboration between teacher leaders and administration, the School Decision Making Committee (SDMC) unanimously approved changes as described below:

Modification #1: Each Six Week Grading Cycle in the first semester would be weighted differently to account for the shortened first grading cycle.

1st Six Weeks              =20%
2nd Six Weeks =40%
3rd Six Weeks  =40% (instead of 3 major grades, teachers may opt to give a 4th major grade assessment)

Final Exam Grade=Calculated using an algebraic formula so that the semester average is the weighted average as described above.


For those interested, the equation used is as follows:


(Cycle 1*.2 + Cycle 2*.4 + Cycle 3*.4) = (Cycle 1*.25 + Cycle 2*.25 + Cycle 3*.25 + Exam*.25)


Modification #2: Final Exam Week Schedule is converted to regular Full Instructional Days

Normally, the last two weeks of school (December 11th-21st) would be devoted to final exam reviews and half day exams. By canceling the final exam structure, we can recoup two weeks of instruction and allocate that time for teaching and learning.

·      Students and teachers will follow the FULL instructional day schedule through December 21st; therefore, no half days in December.

·      Instead of the traditional Final Exam, teachers may give an additional major grade assessment during the 3rd Six Weeks.


The SDMC changes described above were submitted to HISD for review and included in our annual School Improvement Plan (SIP) as required. Our vision is to maximize opportunities for students to realize their full potential, and we ask for your support during this adjustment period. By communicating this information early, we trust that parents will plan accordingly. We respectfully urge families to ensure students are in attendance each day. The last day of school for students will be Thursday, December 21, 2017 and the students will be dismissed at 3:15PM.

Thank you for your continued support of Westside High School!


Peggi Stewart, Principal


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