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German Students Excel at Houstonfest


(Standing) – Roman Marquez, Sarah Swinford, Mr. Michael  Rossow, Amy Koelbel, Seven Bunch, Isaiah Ware, David Cabrera, Sam Golden, Cassie Yuan, Angela Vantreese (Sitting) – Sandy Torres, Ryan Balloun, Gene Gopon, Clarke Foster

Congratulations to Bellaire's German students who placed in the top five at the 2017 "HoustonFest" German Contest on Saturday, February 4th! Bellaire placed 4th in upper-division schools!  



1st Place 

Skit level 4:   “Deutschland hat Talent” (Germany Has Talent)

o   Sandy Torres

o   Martin Sirakov

o   Sarah Swinford

o   Astra Sun

o   Roman Marquez

o   Isaiah Ware

o   Ryan Balloun

3rd Place

“Paß Auf” Trivia-Knowledge Quiz

o   Martin Sirakov

o   Ryan Balloun

o   Cassie Yuan

o   Samuel Golden

o   Robert Brown

4th Place

Pair Discussion

o   Frances Zuckerbrod

o   Alex Chandler

Individual Awards 
Level 4 

·      Samuel Golden            -           1st Place in Oral Presentation

·      Martin Sirakov             -           1st Place in Sight Reading, 1st Place in Grammar, 2nd Place in Culture

·      Cassie Yuan                 -           1st Place in Extemporaneous Speaking,  2nd Place in Grammar,  3rd Place in Reading Comp.

·      Sandy Torres               -           « Best Actress in all level-4 skits

·      Ryan Balloun               -           2nd Place in Sight Reading, 3rd Place in Culture 

·      Sarah Swinford            -           3rd Place in Photography,   3rd Place in Extemporaneous Speaking ,4th Place in Poetry Memory  

 ·      Kierra Morris               -           5th Place in Poetry Memory

Level 3 

·      Amy Koelbel                -           1st Place in Grammar, 4th Place in Spelling

 ·      Tirtha Kharel               -           1st Place in Sight Reading,   2nd Place in Reading Comprehension

·      Frances Zuckerbrod    -           2nd Place in Listening Comprehension,   3rd Place in Reading Comprehension

 Level 2

·      John Fleming               -           1st Place in Reading Comprehension

·      Angela Vantreese       -           2nd Place in Poetry Memory,    4th Place in Directed Dialog,    4th Place in Sight Reading


·      Gene Gopon                -           5th Place in Listening Comprehension