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Summer School 2017


Summer School 2017

Bellaire High School offers several summer school programs.  All programs are for current Bellaire High School students only or incoming BHS ninth graders for 2017-18.

·      Credit Recovery – Teacher led classes for students to recover credit for a class they failed during the regular school year.

·      Original Credit Classes – PE, Health, Pre-AP Geometry (fees apply, see individual descriptions below)

·      Newcomer LEP English and Pre-Algebra courses

·      Grad Lab Courses – for seniors only

·      STAAR Camp – review classes for the summer administration of the STAAR EOC tests for those students who did not meet state standards.

Bellaire High School Credit Recovery Program (non-tuition)

·      One and one-half credits may be recovered during summer school.


·      Previously failed the course

·      Summer School Counselor Approval form from your counselor

·      Laptop checked back in at the end of the regular school year

 Original Credit PE and Health

·      Original Credit PE and Health will be offered to 2016-17 BHS students and incoming 9th graders who will be attending Bellaire during the 2017 – 18 school year. 

o   PE is offered as a teacher-led class in the gymnasium.

o   Original Credit Health is an online course through the Grad Lab APEX program.  Students MUST attend class at BHS each day until the course is completed.  If a student completes the course satisfactorily before June 29th, they do not need to attend the rest of summer school for that course.

·      Note that on-line core courses affect NCAA eligibility.

·      One class equals ½ credit, so in order to get a full PE credit a student must successfully complete 2 classes.

·      A refundable fee of $50 per class is required (cash only, paid to Ms. Littlejohn in the Main Office May 1 – 19).  The fee will be refunded upon successful completion of the course. 

·      Incoming 9th graders will receive the credits earned, but these classes taken before the 2017-18 regular school year will not count in their GPA.

Original Credit Pre-AP Geometry

·      Pre-AP Geometry – There is a different registration form (see your current year math teacher).  After the form is completed it must be returned to Mr. Thornhill in the library. This class is only for students who were at BHS during the 2016-17 school year.

o   Dates and times are different for Pre-AP Geometry

o   Students begin May 30

o   Last day is June 29

o   Daily Hours – 7:30 – 3:05

o   Non-refundable fee of $260, payable in cash to Ms. Littlejohn in the Main Office May 1 - 19th

o   All students must register by May 19th

o   Must have satisfactorily completed Algebra 1 A&B, with Pre-AP Alg. 1 B score of 80 or CP Alg. 1 B score of 85, have good attendance, approval of 2016-17 math teacher and counselor


Length of Term

o   The term will last 18 days, from May 31st through June 29th.   Mondays through Thursdays only, there will be no classes on Fridays.

o   STAAR testing will be held June 19th – 22nd.  Students will receive a schedule the week before stating when they will be testing during the week of June 19 - 22.  


·      Registration for Credit Recovery and Original Credit Summer School will be through the counselors beginning May 1st to May 19th.  All students should register during this time period.

o   Students must have a Counselor’s Approval Form from their counselor stating what classes they are eligible to take.

o   Students drop off the form in room 329, Mr. Tunstall’s office.

o   NO student can register without the counselor approval form.

o   Priority will be given to seniors.

o   Priority may be given to all other students with good attendance.

·      Late registration for Credit Recovery classes will be on Tuesday, May 30th from 8 – 12 in the auditorium.

o   Seniors, 8-9

o   Juniors, 9-10

o   Sophomores, 10-11

o   Freshmen, 11-12


·      Registration for STAAR prep will be Tuesday, May 30th in the Multi-Purpose Room.

o   Students who did not meet state standards will be notified when the scores are received by the school.



·      Students who do not meet the state passing standards on the STAAR must attend review classes prior to retaking the exams from May 31 – June 15.  Credit Recovery classes should be prioritized for summer school. 


Daily Schedule for Credit Recovery and Original Classes

May 31 – June 29


7:30 - 9:30 – First Period

9:30 - 9:35 - Passing

9:35 - 11:35 – Second Period

11:35 - 12:05 - Lunch

12:05 - 2:05 – Third Period

2:05 - 3:00 - Teacher Planning


Schedule for STAAR EOC Prep Classes

May 31 – June 15

7:30 - 9:30 – First Period

9:30 - 9:35 - Passing

9:35 - 11:35 – Second Period

11:35 - 12:05 - Lunch

12:05 - 2:05 – Third Period

2:05 - 3:00 - Teacher Planning 


                                       Courses to be Offered  (Contingent upon enrollment)

    “A” and “B” are separate courses

Social Studies


World History (A&B)

2 classes

World Geography (A&B)

2 classes

US History (A&B)







English I (A&B)


English II (A&B)


English III (A&B)


English IV (A&B)





Algebra 1 EOC

Biology EOC

English I EOC

English II EOC

US History EOC

(May 31 – June 15)



(June 19-22)


Algebra I (A&B)

2 classes

Geometry (A&B)


Algebra II (A&B)


Math Models (A&B)


Biology (A&B)

2 classes


Chemistry (A&B)

2 classes


Physics (A&B)



Special Education Modified Classes

English Courses


Math Courses


Grad Lab


Priority given to seniors only

Original Credit


$50 refundable fee per ½ credit taken


(on-line in Grad Lab)

$50 refundable fee


PRE-AP Geometry

$260 non-refundable tuition

1 class, with approval


Original Credit

ELD1975A, ENG FOUND INT A (Newcomer English)


ESL Pre-Algebra

ESL Reading

(both local credit)